ISA Thought Leadership In Public Policy

ISA is a cross-sector organization and practices an aggressive, diverse and bipartisan public policy. It is the leader in articulating how a pro-market public policy based on the use of market incentives can lead to a more effective and sustainable system of cyber security than would a traditional regulatory model.

Perhaps the clearest evidence of ISA’s public policy impact is the fact that its core approach to cybersecurity is central to the policy development of both President Obama, in his “Cyberspace Policy Review,” (report) and Congressional Republicans, as evidenced in the House Republican Cyber Security Task Force Report ( report).

ISA Brings Members and Policy Makers Together

ISA regularly brings members into direct contact with senior policy-makers, such as, through its twice-annual Board Salon dinners. In addition, ISA is actively involved in numerous public-private partnerships including the Sector Coordinating Councils (IT-SCC website and Comms SCC website), the Cross Sector Cyber Security Working Group (CSCSWG website), the Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security (PCIS website) and others. Participation in the public-private partnerships facilitates corporate involvement in implementing cyber policy with the federal government. ISA participation allows for independent thought leadership, private sector program development and advocacy, which the partnerships can’t provide.

Since 2001, ISA has been asked to provide expert Congressional testimony 18 times. The expertise and diversity of the perspective provided by ISA and its member companies is critically needed to create an effective and sustainable cyber security policy.

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