House Cyber Task Force Chair Thornberry meets w/ISA Board.
ISA Board Chair at Wash Post Forum on Cyber Security.
DHS Sec Napolitano highlighted ISA cyber event at the White House.


Although ISA is structured as a multi-sector trade association, it is actually a unique organization that combines the thought leadership that might be found in a “think tank,” with advocacy one would expect from a trade association, and operational security programs that might be found in a professional association. ISA was founded in 2000 in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University. ISA membership is open to public and privately held entities and currently has substantial participation from the aviation, banking, communications, defense, education, financial services, health care, insurance, manufacturing, security and technology industries.

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The ISA believes that the ubiquitous and interconnected nature of digital technology demands that industry and government work collaboratively on their mutual security interests. A traditional government regulatory model will not work in combating the quickly evolving cyber threats. Instead, market forces need to be more affirmatively harnessed to create an appropriate incentive structure to enhance the security of the information infrastructure. The ISA has laid out this model in a 21st Century “Social Contract,” which integrates both the technological and economic aspects of cyber security. The ISA also initiates and operates pragmatic programs to demonstrate leadership in achieving a more sustainable cyber system.



The ISA has three programmatic goals:

  1. To demonstrate thought leadership in advancing the development of a sustainable system of cyber security;
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  2. To advocate for public policy that will advance the interests of cyber security; and
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  3. To create increased awareness and programs that will result in more rapid adoption of cyber security standards, practices and technologies.