ISA At Work In The IT/Comms Sector

ISA is actively involved in numerous public-private partnerships including the Sector Coordinating Councils, the Cross Sector Cyber Working Group, the Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security (PCIS) and others. Participation in the public-private partnerships facilitates corporate involvement in implementing cyber policy with the federal government. ISA participation allows for independent thought leadership, private sector program development and advocacy, which the partnerships can’t provide.

ISA President Clinton Is Chair of the IT SCC.

ISA has always believed that a strong private-public partnership is essential to creating a sustainable system of cyber security. The ISA’s Cyber Security “Social Contract” articulates how this partnership needs to evolve.

To help forge the partnership, ISA participates directly in a wide range of U.S. Government sponsored organizations and facilitates its member companies’ participation as well.

ISA is leading a collaborative effort with the government to, for the first time, create a unified set of goals and objectives for mutual cyber security. This effort was initiated following ISA President Clinton’s letter on behalf of the IT SCC , in, to DHS Under Secretary Rand Beers seeking greater collaboration  between the government and its private sector partners  and Under Secretary Beers’s response of creating a joint program lead by DHS Assistant Secretaries Mark Weatherford and Mike Locatis.

In addition to ISA serving as the Chair of the IT Sector Coordinating Council (link to IT SCC site), ISA participates in the following entities:



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